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Winter's Yin Energy

Winter is my favorite season to practice more Yin yoga. It’s usually this point in the winter (especially here in the Midwest of the US) where I have this feeling of running out of steam. I am usually an early riser and go nonstop throughout each day, but with the dark, cold mornings I might linger under the covers just a bit longer. I also am prone to take some extra couch cuddles with the dogs lately. As I write this it is -2 degrees outside, and the “real feel” temperature is well below that. Mother Nature seems to be giving us loud signals to slow, get quiet, rest, and prepare ourselves for the growth of Spring.  


While I am not an Ayurvedic expert nor have I extensively studied traditional Chinese medicine, I know enough about the effects of winter on my own body and my yoga practice to dabble in and adhere to some of the principles of both. Winter in Chinese medicine is associated with the kidney organs and bladder. During the winter any feelings of fatigue, stress, fear, and anxiety could be an indication of depleted energy to the kidneys. Doing things that help us get more rest and better sleep can help us come out of the winter deep freeze feeling more refreshed and recharged. 


Some additional ways to help rejuvenate your kidney energy include wearing warm clothes, especially around your low back (where your kidneys are), focusing on your feet (try grounding exercises), doing meditations that help anchor you to the here and now, staying hydrated, and practicing yin yoga. (Check out the Yoga Poses page to learn more about some yoga poses you can practice as yin poses, especially this time of year.)


Thank you for reading and sharing my blog. I always look forward to seeing you on your mat and on my screen.



Ruth Ann


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